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62% of Americans agree Putin wouldn’t have attacked Ukraine if Trump was president: Poll

Russia Ukraine War: According to a new survey, most Americans believe that Russia would not have invaded Ukraine if Donald Trump was the President of the United States. On Friday, the Harvard Center for American Political Studies (CAPS) Harris Poll released the survey. According to the poll, 62 percent of the people believe that if Donald Trump was the President of America, Vladimir Putin would never have attacked Ukraine.

When the answers of Democrats and Republicans were looked at in the survey, 85 percent of Republicans and 38 percent of Democrats answered it. However, 38 percent of Americans who took part in this poll believed that even if Trump was president, Putin would have attacked Ukraine.

Trump-Putin had a warm relationship

At the same time, critics of Donald Trump believe that the former president’s relationship with Putin was very cordial. People said, for example, that Trump publicly called on Russia to join the G-7 and repeatedly criticized Ukraine. Meanwhile, the current US President Joe Biden’s administration has staunchly defended Ukraine’s independence. Trump has been impeached twice by the House, the first related to his opposition to providing military aid to Ukraine.

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Putin finds Biden weak?

Along with this, 59 percent of Americans surveyed also believe that Russian President Putin attacked Ukraine because Putin found President Joe Biden weak. Whereas 41 percent of the people believed that it was not a factor in attacking Ukraine. Soon after Russia attacked Ukraine late Wednesday, President Joe Biden condemned the unwarranted attack and expressed solidarity with Ukraine.

In solidarity with Ukraine, the US imposed sanctions on Russian financial institutions, Russia’s elite class and their family members, Nord Stream 2, which is the parent company of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, and other entities.

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