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72-hour emergency imposed in this country after bloody violence, night curfew also imposed – India TV Hindi

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72-hour emergency imposed after bloody violence

Emergency in Haiti: The Caribbean country Haiti has been suffering the brunt of internal violence for a long time. There is continuous violence in this country these days. After violent protests last night, Haiti has announced a night curfew and a 72-hour state of emergency in the entire country. During this time, protesters and people absconding from jail will be caught.

Many notorious gangs have been spreading violence in Haiti for almost a week, they had attacked many government institutions of Haiti. After this the violence spread even more. These gangs are committing arson in many parts of the country. Not only this, they are vandalizing shops. 9 people have died in the violence. These also include 4 police officers. The protesters have targeted everything from police stations to the airport.

Government will do this work during emergency

72-hour emergency has been imposed in the country with immediate effect. The government said it would be implemented to hunt down murderers, kidnappers and other violent criminals who have escaped from prison. Finance Minister Patrick Biovert, who is acting as acting prime minister, said in a statement that police have been ordered to enforce the curfew and use all legal means to arrest all criminals.

continuously increasing attacks

Prime Minister Ariel Henry traveled abroad last week to try to drum up support for the deployment of a U.N.-backed security force to stabilize the country’s conflict with increasingly powerful crime groups. At least nine people have been killed since Thursday in violence that began last weekend as attacks on government institutions in Haiti’s Port au Prince by gangs escalated.

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