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A Brazilian family who came to watch football accepted Islam in Qatar, shared their happiness with the cleric

Doha: Football fans gather to enjoy the World Cup in Doha, the capital of Qatar. There are also reports of a Brazilian family converting to Islam in the midst of this World Cup. A family of six from Brazil has converted to Islam and the family is very proud of their decision. In this family, parents and four children have accepted Islam. He accepted religion in front of Maulvi and its video is going viral on social media. Qatar is being accused of propagating Islam on the pretext of the Football World Cup. The confession of Islam from the first Mexican and now Brazilian family has stamped all the news.

accepted islam in burqa
Apart from the mother, her three daughters wore burqas and were looking very happy in the video. Recently, there was a news in which it was said that how Islam is being propagated in Qatar on the pretext of World Cup. The cleric asked the mother about her feelings after converting to Islam. To this his reply was, ‘I do not know how to express my happiness. It is very difficult because it has touched my heart.

After this the Maulvi asked the daughter, ‘Has no one forced her to accept Islam?’ His answer was no and he said that he did not choose this religion because of being told or intimidated by someone, but it was his own decision.

mosque built in queue
Before this Brazilian family, a Mexican family had also accepted Islam. The Qatar Cultural Village Mosque, established in Doha by Qatar’s Ministry of Islamic Affairs, is currently a topic of discussion among World Cup fans who want to know about Islam. Electronic boards about Islam have been put up in 30 languages. These boards have been installed at the entry gate in such a way that the visitors can see them from the phone.

publicity by giving booklets
Along with this, booklets telling about Islam have also been printed in different languages ​​and these are being distributed among the people. A pavilion was made. The purpose of this pavilion is to inform people about Islam and its teachings during the Football World Cup. World Cup fans are being told about the words, deeds and habits of Prophet Muhammad during the World Cup. These things are written on the walls along the roads.

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