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A crater the size of 60 Earths has appeared in the Sun, solar waves are coming out, is there a big danger coming to the Earth?

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A crater the size of 60 Earths formed in the sun

Big Crater on Sun: We all know how important the sun is for our earth and the people living on it. If there is no sun, life is not possible on Earth. India has also sent its first mission Aditya L1 to reveal many mysteries of the Sun. Which will reach its target in January next year. Meanwhile, the study being done on the Sun by the American space agency NASA is very shocking.

It is being claimed that a crater as large as 8 kilometers has formed on the surface of the Sun. The width of this big pit is so big that it can accommodate not just one or two but 60 earths. NASA has named this hole ‘Coronal Hole’. Astronomers say that solar waves are coming towards our Earth from this coronal hole. Due to this, the Earth’s radio and satellite communication system may also break down.

When will this pit end?

Astronomers are saying that the coronal crater reached its peak size within a day and is facing Earth directly starting on December 4. These holes are not unusual, but their scale and timing have caught the attention of the scientific community. This is particularly notable because it occurs when the Sun reaches the peak of its 11-year activity cycle, known as solar maximum. It is estimated that it may end in 2024. Initially there were concerns that solar winds which can travel between 500-800 kilometers per second. These could induce a moderate G2 geomagnetic storm, potentially causing radio blackouts. However reported that the intensity of the solar wind was less severe than expected, resulting in only a weak G1 geomagnetic storm. Despite the mild effect, polar displays remain a possibility, especially at higher latitudes.

How much danger is there to the Earth?

The Sun undergoes regular cycles of activity, including sunspots, solar flares, coronal mass ejections, and coronal holes, such as the present one. These phenomena are associated with the Sun’s magnetic field, which undergoes polarity reversals during solar maximum. Sunspots are cool areas on the Sun’s surface where the magnetic field is very strong. As we approach solar maximum, scientists are preparing for more frequent and intense solar activity. While the current coronal hole is not a significant threat to Earth. Because it moves in a direction away from the face of the Earth.

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