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‘A man’ who is destroying the country… surrounded Imran and said – he only thinks about power

Islamabad : Asif Ali Zardari, vice-president of Pakistan’s political party PPP, said on Saturday that “one person” cannot be allowed to destroy the country and will not tolerate any attack on institutions. Zardari was referring to the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan. Zardari said, ‘One person is crossing every border to throw the country into chaos.’ On Thursday, there was a deadly attack on Imran Khan, who is taking out a long march against the Shahbaz government to Islamabad. He has accused a senior army officer of being involved in the conspiracy to attack him.

Zardari said that the man neither cares about the integrity of the country, nor respects the institutions. He only thinks about power, power and only power. He said that the existence of the country is related to institutions. Imran, who is undergoing treatment at a Lahore hospital after being shot in the leg, said on Friday that he would resume his protest march to Islamabad after recovering. After the attack on Imran, his supporters are protesting all over the country. PTI activists have also been arrested for stone pelting and violent protests in several cities.

Imran accuses army officer
“We cannot forget the sacrifice of the Pakistani army and will also foil the enemy’s plot,” Zardari said. Imran Khan had accused three people of the deadly attack on himself, Shahbaz Sharif, Rana Sanaullah and an army officer. He said that he already knew about the deadly attack on himself. However, he did not provide any evidence in this regard. Imran Khan’s allegations have been termed by the Pakistan Army as ‘baseless and irresponsible’.

Army demands legal action against Imran
In a statement, the army said, “The baseless allegations leveled against the institution or officials are highly regrettable and strongly condemned.” “No one will be allowed to defame the Institute or its employees,” the statement said. Keeping this in view, the Government of Pakistan is requested to take legal action against those responsible for defaming and leveling false allegations against the establishment and its officials without any evidence.



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