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A powerful solar storm can hit the Earth today, how much devastation it can bring – know the details

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Solar storm may hit Earth

According to forecast models developed by US-based agency NOAA, the powerful solar storm is expected to hit the Earth on Friday (December 1). Space weather physicist Tamitha Skov said on NOAA has officially classified the storms as G2 (medium intensity), but scientist Skov said the waves could be as powerful as G3 category storms. According to NOAA, a solar storm alert was issued by the CME that occurred on November 27.

Earlier, the American space agency NASA had also warned about the solar storm and said that it is possible that the Sun’s plasma will move rapidly towards the Earth on Sunday. The agency said that many types of activities have been observed in the Sun, due to which a large amount of hot plasma can be seen coming out.

What is coronal mass ejection?

Millions of explosions take place in the Sun all the time and these explosions occur due to the slipping of its magnetic field. When the Sun explodes, the hot plasma present on the Sun spreads throughout the space. According to scientists, sometimes this plasma also starts coming towards the earth, this entire process is called coronal mass ejection.

What could be the dangers of this?

There are many dangers on earth. When a coronal mass ejection comes towards the Earth, it can pose the greatest threat to communication media. Because CME includes many types of X-rays and radiation particles. X-rays and radiation particles can cause interference to network towers and short web radio communications on Earth.

Solar flares occur when large loops of plasma on the Sun’s surface tighten like an elastic band, releasing electromagnetic particles into space. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the upcoming solar storm is expected to hit Earth on Thursday night and end by the morning of Friday, December 1.

Coronal mass ejections (CMEs) are giant clouds of charged particles thrown from the Sun. These particles can wreak havoc on Earth’s technological infrastructure, disrupting satellite communications and radio signals. Although the upcoming solar storm is expected to be relatively mild, it may still cause minor disruptions to high-latitude communications systems. Despite the potential dangers, solar storms generally pose no direct threat to human health. However, extremely powerful solar flares can emit harmful radiation that is capable of affecting living organisms. Fortunately, Earth’s protective atmosphere protects us from the effects of this radiation, and minimizes its effects on humans.

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