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A star 530 times bigger than the Sun died 11.5 billion years ago, an explosion now visible on Earth, scientists saw amazing supernova

Washington: There are many incidents happening in space, which are very difficult to see. Watching a star die is one of those events. Now researchers have spotted a dying star. An international team of researchers has captured the glow left by a distant supernova on three separate occasions. A research related to this has come to the fore. Those theories will be tested using data from the Hubble telescope, which measures the size of the star through its light. This star is so far away that no telescope can give data about its size.

The star is 11.5 billion light-years away from Earth. This means that the star that researchers have seen dying today is dead even before the dinosaurs. The galaxy to which this star belongs has billions of bright stars in it. Amidst their radiance, this light has now reached the earth. Researchers have observed changes in the brightness of the star. Researchers estimate that by the brightness of the star, they will know the changes in it and the reasons for dying. The galaxy to which this star belongs is also part of a cluster of thousands of galaxies 4 billion light-years away from Earth. The name of this cluster is Abell-370.

Supernova. (Credit-NASA/hubblesite.org)

the light of the supernova is bent
Researchers believe that due to the hundreds of galaxies in the cluster, the light coming from the star is slightly bent. It is just like we are looking at something through a telescope and there is a small scratch in front of the lens. The analysis showed that the star continued to expand for eight days after the explosion. Through three blurry images of light, it has been revealed that the supernova is slowly cooling. Its temperature was about 1 lakh degrees Celsius, which fell to 10 thousand degrees Celsius.
Mysterious signal was found near the wreckage of Titanic 26 years ago, now scientists have found such a thing which is no less than a treasureThe star was 530 times bigger than the Sun
Researchers are doing research to know when which star will die. Astronomers have not only seen the light of the star that has died in the Abell 370 Galaxy Cluster, but they have also seen its light changing over the years. The first supernova was caught in 2010. Researchers believe that the star was about 530 times more massive than our Sun. Its illumination has been seen changing from 2011 to 2016.



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