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Africa will break, 56 km long crack formed in 18 years, the world will get a new continent

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Africa will break, 56 km long crack formed in 18 years

Africa News: According to scientists, the continents are floating on several plates. Africa is one such continent. A 56 kilometer long crack has formed in the continent over a period of 18 years. If seen in this manner, every year a piece of land is breaking at a speed of about 3.25 kilometers. This piece of land is going to be separated from the African continent. This big piece will separate and come into existence as a new continent of the world.

A new ocean is going to be formed in the middle of this crack. The big thing is that the rift is increasing every year. The length and width of this crack is increasing. The reason for this is the tension in the three tectonic plates in different directions. These three plates are moving in different directions from each other.

According to scientists, this ocean may take 50 lakh to 1 crore years to form. But due to climate change, this can happen soon. Where the rift is occurring, it exists between the Nubian, Somali and Arabian tectonic plates. It is called Afar Region. It has not yet been decided why this part of Africa is falling apart. Some people believe that hot rocks are coming up from the mantle beneath East Africa. Let us tell you that the mantle is the layer above the core, the most central part of the Earth.

This crack became a hotspot for scientists’ study

The turmoil in the Afar region is currently becoming a laboratory for scientists. Scientists from all over the world are coming here to study the separation of tectonic plates. Due to the formation of a new valley in the middle of the sea, the sea water will go there. The two pieces of land will move away from each other in different directions.

Sudden separation will cause huge loss

Parts of Africa will be separated and there will be huge loss of life and property due to this natural process. In fact the African plate is breaking. That means the land of Africa will be divided into two different parts. This place is East African Rift. This is a 56 kilometer long crack.

These countries will be on the new continent

Many countries will be included in the new continent formed from a large piece of land breaking away from the African continent. These include countries like Uganda and Zambia. These countries will have their own sea coasts, which they did not have earlier. This will create a new ocean in the middle of Africa. It will also include parts of Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia and Tanzania.

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