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After the attack on Imran Khan, the situation like civil war in Pakistan, the command can be handed over to the army

Imran Khan Attack: The attack on former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan is discussed everywhere. He was shot during a march of Imran Khan, in which Imran was injured. Since then, all the leaders and workers of Imran Khan’s party in Pakistan have become fiercely attackers against the government. Since this whole incident, there is a possibility of worsening of the situation in Pakistan. Even there is every possibility of civil war erupting in Pakistan.

Now the biggest question is that what is going to happen next in Pakistan after the deadly attack on former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan. How Shahbaz Sharif’s government will be able to control this situation and what steps are being taken for this.

Why was Imran Khan taking out a rally?
His party, under the leadership of Imran Khan, started the Hakiqi Azadi March against the Shahbaz Sharif government from October 28. The purpose of this march was to overthrow the government and conduct general elections in Pakistan. Alert had already been issued regarding the march and intelligence agencies were also keeping an eye on it. Overall, Imran Khan was once again trying to reach the PM’s chair.

How did Imran Khan get shot?
Imran Khan, along with hundreds of his supporters, was taking out an anti-government march in Gujranwala, located in Pakistan’s Punjab province. Imran Khan was marching in an open car. During this, suddenly there started a flurry of bullets. The guns point towards Imran Khan, in which many bullets are also fired in Imran Khan’s leg. Along with this, some leaders of his party are also injured near Imran. After this the attacker was arrested by the police and a video of him also surfaced, in this video the attacker is talking about the murder of Imran Khan. He said that Imran is misleading the country, that is why he wanted to kill him.

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What’s next in Pakistan now?
In Pakistan, Imran Khan was already trying to create an atmosphere against the government, in which he appeared to be successful to some extent, but now the atmosphere here has become more heated after he was shot. Imran Khan and his party would like to take advantage of the public sentiments to inflict a deep blow on the Shahbaz Sharif government. Two things are being feared in Pakistan in the coming days. The first is that the supporters of Imran Khan can become furious and a civil war-like situation can arise in the country.

On the other hand, given the current situation in Pakistan, the entire command can be handed over to the army. Martial law and some other similar measures can be taken in Pakistan. Due to which full power can come in the hands of the army for some time. Because Imran Khan’s party is constantly raising slogans against the army and its officers, in such a situation it can be a better option for PM Shahbaz Sharif.

Will Imran Khan benefit?
Now even though there is a danger of worsening of the situation in Pakistan, but Imran Khan can also get many benefits from this whole development. Imran was already trying to take people with him from his Hakiki Azadi March, while now after this attack he can get sympathy (sympathy) of the people. Which can be of great benefit to Imran Khan in the future. As Imran Khan shook hands for his supporters immediately after being shot, it is clear that he is going to make it a big issue and prepare the way to reach the PM’s chair.

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