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Air India flight’s tire burst before taking off from Kathmandu to Delhi, 173 passengers were on board

Air India Flights: The tire of the aircraft flying from Nepal’s capital Kathmandu to Delhi burst before take-off. The incident took place on Friday, when there were 173 people in the plane and the plane was ready to take off from Tribhuvan airport in Kathmandu for Delhi when there was a sudden explosion, it was found that the tire of the plane had burst. The passengers got scared as soon as they got information about the incident, but later all the passengers were safely taken out of the plane.

After this incident, that flight of Air India has been cancelled. The official said that there were 173 people on board the plane. He told that the plane was to leave for New Delhi from Tribhuvan Airport in Kathmandu at 4.30 pm local time. A duty officer of Air India confirmed the tire burst of flight AI 216 before its departure.

The official said that there were 164 passengers and nine crew members in the aircraft. He said that the Airbus 320 aircraft was removed from the runway and taken to the parking area. The official said that this Air India flight will be rescheduled for Saturday after the necessary repair work is completed.

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