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Alien sent a dagger for Tutankhamun from space! The most valuable iron knife, whose sheath is made of gold… What is the secret of Egypt?

Cairo: On hearing the name of Egypt, many times only sand comes to mind. But in the midst of this sand, many celebrities were also erased by the sand of time. Sometimes information is available about them. If anything is the most famous after the pyramids in Egypt, it is the tomb of Tutankhamun. He was the pharaoh of Egypt and the last ruler of the 18th dynasty. The tomb of Tutankhamun was discovered in 1922 in Egypt under the leadership of Howard Carter. Tutankhamun’s tomb is located in the Valley of the Kings on the west bank of the Nile.

When this tomb was discovered, the attention of the whole world got towards it. This is because more gold was found in it than a human mummy. 5,398 items were found inside the tomb. This included a solid gold coffin, a gold face mask, a throne, a bow, a lotus cup, sandals with gold furniture. It had a set of knives which were used in the ceremony of opening the mouth. The device was allegedly placed during the afterlife to enable the deceased person to breathe, speak, and eat and drink.
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iron was more valuable than gold
The only thing more valuable than gold in this whole tomb was iron. This knife was made of iron. You must be thinking that how can iron be more valuable than gold? But at the time of Tutankhamun’s death, iron was rarely available in the rest of the world, including Egypt, and what was present was also of poor quality. The sheath of the knife was of gold. According to the Howard Carter Archives, its handle was also made of gold. It was also decorated with different shapes. There were flowers on one side in a sheath of gold.
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where did iron come from
Many conspiracy theorists say that the aliens went with a dagger. However, according to the researchers, the blade of the dagger was of iron, which may have been made of a fallen meteorite. Only this claim was made until the 1960s. But in 2016, there was a study related to this, in which X-ray fluorescence spectrometry was used. It was found that the knife originally contained iron (Fe). It is 10.8 percent nickel (Ni) and 0.58 percent cobalt (CO). It resembles a supposed meteorite that fell in Egypt. A study in February 2022 also said that its elements were meteorites.



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