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Aliens contacting humans! Mysterious signals coming from the middle of the galaxy, scientists are also surprised

Are we alone in the universe or are there people from other worlds also present in some corner of space? There is no bigger question for space scientists than this. Many times there have been clues that point to the answer to this question. Astronomers have recently detected an unusual radio signal coming from the center of the Milky Way. However, so far no concrete information has been received about the source of the waves.

According to the researchers, the radio signals do not fit the pattern of any radio source and point to some unknown celestial object. Astronomers have shared their results in a study published in The Astrophysical Journal. In a Sydney University press release, lead author Ziteng Wang said that the strangest thing about the new wave is that it has a lot of polarization.

Discovered with the ASKAP Radio Telescope
He said that we have never seen anything like this before. Wang said that at first he thought these signals were coming from a star. But these waves are completely different from that pattern. Wang and an international team of experts discovered its source using CSIRO’s ASKAP radio telescope in Western Australia. The researchers named the object ASKAP J173608.2-321635.
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very unusual behavior of the source
Professor Tala Murphy, from the School of Physics and the Sydney Institute for Astronomy, said the source of the waves was amazing because it was invisible at first, then brightened, then became visible again. He said this behavior was extremely unusual. Astronomers tried to locate the object in 2020 after detecting six radio signals from the source over nine months. Even after the discovery of the source of the signal, many questions about its origin and nature are still incomplete.


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