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Amazon has stopped hiring for corporate employees – Latest US News Hub

the amazon It is pausing hiring for roles in its corporate workforce, the company announced Thursday in a memo to employees.

The company already announced last month that it would stop hiring for corporate roles in its retail business, but the latest update affects its other businesses.

Amazon’s HR chief Beth Galletti wrote in the memo that the company has moved to further restrict new hires after hiring rapidly in recent years and amid a poor economic outlook.

“We expect this pause to hold for the next several months, and we’ll continue to monitor what we’re seeing in the economy and businesses to make adjustments as we think so,” Galetti said.

Amazon will backfill roles to replace employees who leave for new opportunities, and it will continue to “incrementally hire people” in some targeted areas, he added.

The retail giant went on a hiring spree during the Covid-19 pandemic as it sought to keep up with the pandemic-driven surge in online shopping. Since then, it has seen headcount growth slow as customers return to physical stores, and its retail business has declined.

In light of the economy being in an uncertain place and how many people we’ve hired over the last few years, Andy and the S-Team have decided to pause this week on new incremental hires to our corporate workforce. In recent weeks we have already done this in a few of our businesses and added our other businesses to this approach. We expect this break to remain in place for the next several months, and we will continue to monitor what we see in the economy and business to make adjustments as we feel. In general, depending on the business or area of ​​the company, we will hire backfill to replace employees who move on to new opportunities, and there are some targeted areas where we will continue to hire people incrementally.

We are facing an unusual macroeconomic environment, and want to balance our hiring and investment by being thoughtful about this economy. This is not the first time we have faced uncertain and challenging economies in our past. While we’ve had several years where we’ve expanded our headcount substantially, there have also been several years where we’ve tightened our belts and been more streamlined in how many people we’ve added. By hiring fewer people at the moment, it should allow each team to prioritize and be more productive on what matters most to customers and the business.

We still want to hire a meaningful number of people in 2023 and are excited about our significant investments in our larger businesses as well as new initiatives like Prime Video, Alexa, Grocery, Kuiper, Jux and Healthcare.

If you have questions about how this incremental hiring break will affect your team over the next few months, please speak with your manager in the coming days.


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Amazon has stopped hiring for corporate employees



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