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America engaged in balancing relations with India Pakistan, know how all the equations are changing in South Asia

WashingtonRecently, there was a lot of stir between America, India and Pakistan. Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and India’s Foreign Minister S Jaishankar held separate meetings with their American counterpart Antony Blinken. After the meeting with Bilawal, Blinken said he insisted on a “constructive relationship” between India and Pakistan. His statement put both India and Pakistan in trouble that America is talking about a similar relationship between the two. On the other hand, US State Department spokesman Ned Price dismissed these concerns, saying that for America, relations with India and Pakistan have different meanings.

America’s policy
Ned Price repeated the same policy of America that has been going on since the era of George W. Bush. It was under this policy that relations with India and Pakistan were being maintained. In the last few days, ever since the US approved a military sale to Pakistan, relations with India and Pakistan have started to look different. India has benefited a lot from the policy of US President Joe Biden, Bush is following. It is because of this policy that relations with India have progressed. America has always believed in taking the relationship forward even after avoiding issues like disputed Kashmir between India and Pakistan.

how to change relationship
Pakistan always wanted the same treatment that America has been treating India. But in the last few years, America’s relations with India have changed historically and Pakistan also understands this very well. Since the year 2018, the relationship between America and Pakistan was frozen. The relationship between America and Pakistan has always been weak due to security matters. But when recently the Biden administration gave military aid to Pakistan with $ 450 million and approved the upgrade of the F-16, everything started changing from here. America says that it is very important for counter-terrorism. The deal was approved, but the security assistance is still pending. In such a situation, there are questions on why this package was approved.

Jaishankar reprimanded
Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar was very angry with America over the F-16 deal. When he was among the Indian community in Washington last week, his displeasure was evident from his statement. He made it clear that Pakistan sees the F-16 as a weapon to be used against India. At the same time, he also reprimanded America for improving relations with Pakistan. He said, ‘You have to understand that this is a relationship that will neither benefit the interests of Pakistan nor the interests of America are going to be fulfilled.’

America got it!
Pakistan was very angry with this remark and India was advised by the State Department not to make any statement on its relations with America. Bilawal Bhutto said that it was certain that if India would be disappointed by this, then let it happen. After Jaishankar’s statement, America understood that India’s interests would not be benefited by security cooperation with Pakistan. Whereas India knows that if America has to answer to China, then mutual cooperation is very important.



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