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America will give a befitting reply to China in Solomon Islands, treasure opened for Pacific islands

Washington: The US has geared up to give a befitting reply to China, which is rapidly increasing its influence in the Pacific islands under Australia’s nose. The US has said that it has agreed to a partnership with the islands of the Pacific Ocean. Under this, the US has opened its treasury to the islands of the Pacific Ocean and will provide massive dollar help. Not only this, US President Joe Biden is holding a two-day summit at the White House with the leaders and representatives of 14 island countries.

Amidst the growing influence of China, now America has also come into action. However, it may receive a setback from the Solomon Islands and the Marshall Islands. China has made a military agreement with the Solomon Islands, a major country in the region. It is being told that China is going to build its military base in the Solomon Islands. Both Australia and America are the target of China. America and Australia are very close to the Solomon Islands. China wants to increase espionage activities in the entire area by building a military base here.
China Solomon Islands News: Why China made a security agreement with Solomon Islands, how it threatens Australia and America, know everything
$86 million investment in Pacific islands
According to the Washington Post report, the Biden administration of America may announce an investment of $ 86 million in the Pacific Ocean islands. Earlier, the US had invested $ 1.5 billion in these islands in the last decade. US officials say that all leaders, including the President of the Solomon Islands, have agreed to the 11-point statement. Earlier on Wednesday, it was reported that the President of the Solomon Islands is not ready to sign this statement.

The White House has yet to make a statement regarding the US investment. The US is trying to bring the Pacific islands under its control at a time when China has become very active in this entire region. China is constantly investing here. China has signed a security agreement with the Solomon Islands. Many leaders in the region are concerned that they may be caught in a US versus China competition. At the same time, there are some who are very worried about China.

Appointment of Ambassador to Pacific Island Forum
Under its new steps, America is going to increase its diplomatic influence in the entire region. The US is opening three new embassies and appointing ambassadors to the Pacific Island Forum. America is going to re-establish the International Development Agency in Fiji. The US President has invited the leaders of these countries for dinner. The US Secretary of State has once again called for making the Indo-Pacific region free and free.



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