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America will give ruthless reply to South Korea, North Korea announced by raining missiles

Pyongyang: Amidst the ongoing tension with the US and South Korea, North Korea has issued a big warning by releasing pictures of missiles capable of causing destruction. North Korea condemned the recently concluded military drill by the US and South Korea and said that it is a completely provocative action on the part of both countries. At the same time, this is a dangerous maneuver against North Korea, to which it will respond ruthlessly.

A statement issued by the General Staff of the Korean People’s Army said that North Korea will continue to respond to the maneuvers of South Korea and the United States by taking practical steps “continuously, vigorously and firmly.” North Korea’s official communication agency KCNA gave this information on Monday. North Korea fired several missiles and thousands of artillery shells last week. It also had an intercontinental missile that probably failed.

North Korea demonstrated this power in response to the maneuvers of America and South Korea. The North Korean military said that this exercise by the US and South Korea was very aggressive in nature. Hundreds of fighter jets from South Korea and America took part in this exercise. This also includes the supersonic B1B bomber. The B1B bomber first flew over the Korean peninsula in December 2017.

The North Korean military said it conducted drills on enemy air bases and fighter jets. Simultaneously, devastation exercises were carried out in major cities of South Korea. The North Korean agency did not say whether dictator Kim Jong Un had witnessed the exercise. The report said that North Korea tested “strategic” cruise missiles capable of dropping nuclear bombs near South Korea on November 2. South Korea has denied this claim of North Korea. North Korea fired 23 missiles on this day.



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