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America will have to leave Syria, training terrorists… Why is Turkish President Erdogan speaking the language of Russia?

Ankara: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has strongly targeted America over Syria. He said after the Astana Format meeting that America would have to leave Syria. The Astana Format was established in 2015 by Russia, Turkey and Iran to establish peace in Syria. In fact, Turkey’s neighbor Syria has been a battleground between the world’s superpowers for the last 10 years. Russia has supported the government of Basr al-Assad of Turkey, while the US has joined hands with Kurdish rebels. Turkey is also running an operation with Russia against Kurdish fighters. For this reason, despite being a member of NATO, differences remain between the US and Turkey.

America told to leave Syria
According to Turkey’s state-run Anadolu Agency, Erdogan has said that the US will have to leave eastern Syria. He must also end his support for Kurdish militia groups. We have taken this decision after a detailed discussion on this subject during the Astana Format meeting. Erdogan, referring to People’s Defense Units, a Kurdish militia group, said Turkey also expects it because it is the US that feeds Syrian terrorist groups. Turkey alleges that these rebel groups oppose government control of Syria’s oil-rich areas. This leads to large scale violence.

Erdogan’s allegation – America is training terrorists
Erdogan said that you see that American officials there train members of the terrorist organization. During this training, they are there waving the flag of their rule. Why? They are doing terrorist acts against Turkish soldiers. Here too, they think they can deceive the Turkish army by waving the regime flag there, yet we cannot be fooled. However, the US claims it supports Kurdish fighters as part of the fight against ISIS.

What is Turkey afraid of Kurdish rebels?
The Turkish government considers US-backed Kurdish rebels operating in Syria to be a terrorist organization. For this reason, a few months ago, Turkey vetoed Finland and Sweden’s NATO membership. These two countries also gave their support to Kurdish fighters like America. Turkey later withdrew its veto after receiving assurances from Finland and Sweden about the Kurdish rebels. These Kurdish fighters oppose the Basar al-Assad government in Syria. Their demand is to create an independent Kurdistan country, which includes the territories of Syria and Turkey.

Erdogan wants to be Putin’s close friend
Turkish President Erdogan wants to strengthen his friendship with Vladimir Putin by all means. That is why Turkey kept quiet when almost all NATO countries showered sanctions on Russia against the attack on Ukraine. Not only this, he also put obstacles in the way of Finland and Sweden going to become members of NATO. Turkey also mediated several rounds of unsuccessful talks between Russia and Ukraine. While Turkish-made drones are attacking Russian forces from Ukraine, Erdogan is meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.


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