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American man took out the number from the broken odometer of the truck, won 20 lakh rupees in the lottery

Lottery News: Everyone in the world dreams of winning big money in lottery, but in reality only few people get it. Actually, a man living in Maryland, USA, has won a jackpot by using the numbers from the broken odometer of his truck. According to a UPI report, 60-year-old Douglas Ack from Harford County has won his third jackpot in 27 years.

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Douglas Ack told Maryland Lottery officials that he had purchased a 50 cent ticket for the Pick 5 drawing on October 14 at Royal Farms in Joppa. According to Ten County.com, Douglas Ack bought a truck whose odometer was stuck at 82,466 miles, so he played the lottery every day with the numbers 8-2-4-6-6. In the end, Douglas won a huge amount of $25,000 (Rs 20 lakh) when the numbers came out in the lottery.

The first lottery won in 1995

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At the same time, Douglas Ack has won such a big prize for the third time in his life using the lottery draw. Douglas first won the $50,000 lottery in 1995 and $100,000 on a scratch-off ticket in 2008. He did not win both the previous lotteries with the odometer reading.

This is my bronze medal in the lottery…

“It’s my bronze medal in the lottery, but I’m happy,” said Douglas Eck. Douglas also said that he would use the winning amount to pay his bills. But he did not talk about repairing the odometer of his truck. Let us tell you that recently a person in Michigan won the lottery of $100,000 (Rs 82 lakh) while playing $300,000,000 Diamond Riches Second Chance game of Michigan Lottery. In the same way, many people in the world try their luck in the lottery and only a few of them are able to win prizes in it.

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