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America’s roller coaster will blow your mind if you are not afraid of heights, watch the video

Highest Roller Coaster: Adventure, Thrill and Horror… If you want to experience something like this, then this news and video is only for you. If you have the desire to go beyond the heights, then you will not feel disappointed. Roller coaster is no less than an adventure. They take you to the heights and give an extraordinary experience that has never been felt before.

If you come to know that you are on the top of a mountain at an altitude of 7 thousand feet above sea level and are sitting on a roller coaster, what would you feel if you hear or see this. Something similar has been experienced by the people of America. A video of Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park in Colorado is going viral on social media these days. A similar roller coaster is shown in this video, which takes people to the height of the mountain.

Defiance name given to roller coaster

This roller coaster has been named Defiance. This is the only roller coaster in America that is located on a theme park built on the mountains and it is also the center of attraction for many people. A video of this roller coaster has also been shared on the social media platform Instagram. In this video, people are seen sitting on a swing and coming down from a high place. People are also shouting loudly while experiencing this.

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What is shown in the video?

A voice is heard in this video. Testing… 1,2,3 The first testing of the Defiance is on today. On this matter, the official account of the theme park has been told that the number of people is increasing and we are excited about it. After this video surfaced, there has been a flood of comments from people on social media. So you guys also enjoy this video.

Watch the video here:

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