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America’s warning to Ukraine, Jaishankar reached Russia, can India make a peace deal? understand

Moscow: It is going to be 9 months now that the war between Russia and Ukraine started and fierce fighting and counterattacks are continuing between both the sides. In this war, the arms of Russia and pro-Ukraine Western countries are becoming empty. Meanwhile, Russia’s military and President Vladimir Putin have both indicated a nuclear attack. America is now under tension from this biggest threat after the Cuban missile crisis and has warned the Ukrainian government to prepare itself for talks with Russia. The US said that our allies could be hit by the ‘exhaustion of Ukraine’. Meanwhile, now Western experts and media are saying that India can play an important role in stopping this war and in negotiating a settlement between both the warring friendly countries. He has given this argument at a time when Indian External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar has arrived in Russia. Let us understand how much merit is there in this argument.

C Rajamohan, an expert on international affairs, believes that India’s Ukraine policy had received a lot of criticism in the western countries and media in the past, but now it is very pleasant for New Delhi to be praised. India has not criticized Russia’s attack on Ukraine in the last 9 months. India has always supported dialogue between the two sides. At the same time, India has not supported the attack of Russia. Along with this, he has advised his friend to follow the Charter of the United Nations and respect the territorial sovereignty. After this stand of India, now western media says that New Delhi can play an important role in ending this conflict.

‘India made a significant contribution to the difficult times of Ukraine war’

American media says that India has made a significant contribution on many complex occasions of the last 9 months of war. This includes a grain supply deal with Ukraine and mitigating the threat of an attack on the nuclear power plant Japrizhzhia. Responding to the question whether India can now play a bigger diplomatic role, Rajamohan says that India has very good relations with the US and Russia, which puts it in an interesting position. But India is not the only link between Russia and the US. Both Russia and the US are not dependent on third parties.

The Defense Ministers of Russia and America often keep talking. It is now getting cold in Ukraine and now is the time to rethink our strategy and preparedness. Both Russia and Ukraine have suffered heavy losses in this war. Russia got great success in the initial war but now it is proving to be another Afghanistan for them. Ukraine is constantly attacking on the basis of Western weapons and Russian forces are continuously taking losses. The streets of Ukraine have become the graveyard of Russian tanks. Putin is now trying to destroy Ukraine’s cities and he is making nuclear threats that show his weakness.

Ukraine put a big condition for talks with Russia
Rajamohan says that now the only option left for Putin is to make a dignified return. With this, he will be able to save his political shame and will occupy some areas of Ukraine. At the same time, President Zelensky of Ukraine is adamant on driving the Russian army from all its land, including Crimea. Western countries expected that Russia would bow down to sanctions but it did not happen. This is the reason why America has clearly told Zelensky’s government to hold talks with Russia. On the other hand, Zelensky has said that he will hold talks with Russia only when Russian forces withdraw from all areas of Ukraine. Also, those who have committed the crime should be prosecuted. Zelensky also said he would not hold talks with Putin.

‘India can play a role in restoring peace in Ukraine’
The US has so far given about $ 19 billion in military and other aid to Ukraine. Rajamohan says that the history of war tells us that there is room for diplomacy when there is a standoff between the two sides on the battlefield. Now this opportunity has come in the war that has been going on for the last 9 months. In the times to come, both sides will make one or two major attacks and then they will come to the negotiating table. He said that talks do not mean that there should be an immediate settlement. Rajamohan said that even though India may not be in the lead role in this peace dialogue, there are many practical ways in which Indian diplomacy can contribute to the peace efforts.



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