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Amidst Israel-Hamas war, Iran left this “capsule” filled with animals in the air

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Iran has done a great job amid the Israel-Hamas war. The whole world has been shocked by this. On one hand, the Israeli army is fighting the terrorists of Hamas, while on the other hand, Iran has launched a big space mission, surprising Israel and America. Amidst the war, Iran has left a capsule in space filled with animals. This capsule contains not one, not two…but several animals. There has been an uproar since Iran launched this capsule into space. America and Israel and other countries of the world are keeping a very close eye on this space mission of Iran.

Now you might be wondering why Iran has sent these animals into space amidst the war?… Let us tell you that Iran is preparing for a big human mission in space in the coming years. Iran said on Wednesday that it has sent animals into space orbit in this ‘capsule’ in preparation for human missions in the coming years. So that humans can be sent into space in the next mission. Iran’s state news agency IRNA quoted Telecommunications Minister Isa Zarepour as saying that the capsule was launched into an orbit of 130 kilometers.

Which animals did Iran send into space?

Jarepur said that this capsule weighed 500 kg. There are many different types of animals in it. The launch of the capsule aims to send Iranian astronauts into space in the coming years. He did not say what kind of animals were in the capsule. Iran continues to announce successful launches of satellites and other spacecraft. In September, Iran said it had sent a data-gathering satellite into space. Iran said in 2013 that it sent a monkey into space and successfully brought it back to Earth. (AP)

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