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Amidst the crisis in Pakistan, Major Babar said – Soldiers can make mistakes, but not traitors

Pakistan Army Press Conference: In the midst of the ongoing political crisis in Pakistan, the name of the army is being dragged many times. Both sides have done so. Meanwhile, a top Army general urged people to maintain faith in military institutions, saying Pakistani soldiers can make “mistakes” but they can never be “traitors or conspirators”.

Military spokesman Major General Babar Iftikhar said these things during a press conference organized by ISI chief Lt Gen Nadeem Ahmed Anjum. It was a case of mistaken identity during a search of a car in the case of kidnapping of a child.

Arshad’s body came to Pakistan

“Therefore, the government has been requested to set up a high level inquiry commission. Arshad Sharif, a former reporter and anchor of ARY TV, was known for his closeness to former Prime Minister Khan. He fled to Kenya earlier this year after a case was registered by Pakistan’s security agencies for promoting anti-national discourse. Arshad’s body was brought to Pakistan and buried on Thursday, with thousands of people attending his last rites.

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channel over action

The army spokesman said that the CEO of ARY channel Salman Iqbal should also be brought back to Pakistan and made a part of the investigation. Because his name has come up time and again. He said that it has to be decided who really benefited from the murder of the journalist.

Questions have been raised on the army even before

Let us tell you that this is not the first time what kind of questions have been raised on Pakistan’s army. Even before this, many types of allegations have been made against the army. Sometimes the army is accused of toppling the government and sometimes of arbitrariness. When Imran Khan’s chair was gone, he also accused the army of collusion.

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