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Amidst the Russia-Ukraine war, UAE did the work which no other country could do till now, hundreds of soldiers from both sides returned.

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Russia-Ukraine war.

The war between Russia and Ukraine has been going on for the last 23 months. Till now both the countries have lost a lot. A large number of soldiers of both the countries have died in the war. Civilians have also lost their lives in the war. Despite this, this war is not stopping. Efforts were made by many countries, but no one could stop the Russia-Ukraine war. There still seems to be no end to this war. But meanwhile, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has done what no other country has been able to do till now. UAE has signed an important agreement between Russia and Ukraine. Under this agreement, hundreds of soldiers of both the countries have returned home after a long time. How this agreement was reached and on what basis, let us explain the whole matter to you.

Russia and Ukraine on Wednesday signed an agreement brokered by the United Arab Emirates. Under this agreement, hundreds of prisoners of war were exchanged. Ukrainian officials said 230 Ukrainian prisoners of war have returned home from Russia following a landmark agreement brokered by the UAE. Russia’s Defense Ministry said that 248 Russian soldiers have been freed from captivity in Ukraine. The ministry said that this agreement was possible with the mediation of the United Arab Emirates. The soldiers returning home and their families have also thanked the UAE.

Russia is becoming heavy in the war

Zelensky now has a huge shortage of weapons. Zelensky’s army could take on Russia only as long as NATO countries including America were helping it. Now only America is its helper. America has also given the last defense assistance. With this, Zelensky’s army will be able to stand in front of Russia for a few more days. But now Ukraine has stopped getting help from other countries. Due to this, Russia is continuously dominating the war. Many experts believe that the Russian army may soon capture Ukraine.


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