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Archaeologists found 7000 year old mass grave, heads of all 35 people missing, were ‘sacrificial’

Bratislava: During the investigation of the Neolithic settlement in Slovakia, archaeologists have found the skeletons of 35 people. Many of them are teenagers. According to the information, this tomb is 7,000 years old. It is believed to be the earliest human sacrifice, as the heads of all these skeletons are missing. According to the researchers, these people have been sacrificed. They may have been killed to magically strengthen the wall over the moat. Martin Fürholt, co-leader of the excavation, believes these bodies have something to do with witchcraft.

He said, ‘Whether they were killed intentionally or they died of natural causes, but perhaps these people believed in witchcraft.’ Fürholt and his colleagues from the University of Kiel have worked since 2012 at the site in Verbal in Slovakia. This site is believed to be associated with the Neolithic period. Fürholt says that the ancestors of the Verbal people crossed over from Turkey to Greece about 1,500 years ago.
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The head was cut off and killed!
This mass grave is near the entrance of the settlement in Verbal. The dead bodies have been dumped here, which looks like they were slaughtered and killed. “There are no clear signs of trauma or specific pathological changes in the area,” said Zuzana Hukesova, an anthropologist associated with the excavation. Yet he did not have a skull. We are still unsure how and when the heads were removed. Cutting off the heads could be one of the reasons for their death.
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all the dead were young
Lyubesova said the skeletons lie in different positions. Some skeletons are lying on the back, some on the stomach and some on the side. These show that the bodies were thrown into the pit. Most of the people killed were young. Their age was between 18 and 25 years. Some were 25-35 years old. None of them were elderly people. There was also an infant, who was buried with his skull.



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