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Army set out to wipe out the underworld in El Salvador, 10,000 soldiers sealed the ‘capital’

San Salvador: The government of El Salvador has made up its mind to eliminate the gang. The outskirts of the country’s capital San Salvador have been sealed in search of members of the underworld. 10,000 soldiers and police force have been sent. In many areas of San Salvador, these gangs extort money from local merchants. The army operation is President Nayib Bukele’s biggest ever mobilization against gang members in nine months. Troops have blocked all roads leading to and from the town of Soyapango.

The soldiers are checking the documents of the people. While a team has cordoned off the outside, a special team has gone into the town in search of gang suspects. President Bukele wrote on his Twitter account, ‘As of now, the Soyapango settlement is completely surrounded.’ Along with this, he also posted a video of soldiers brandishing rifles. It is seen in the video that a large number of soldiers are marching in the city. More than 58,000 people have been jailed since the state of emergency was declared in March following a series of killings.

already tightened the screws
Rights groups have largely criticized the roundup. He says soldiers mostly pick up youths on the basis of their dress and where they live. In late November, Bukele called this operation the fifth phase. In October, more than 2,000 soldiers surrounded the city of Comasagua in search of gang members accused of murder. Drones used to fly over the town all the time and people coming and going in the town were being questioned. In two days 50 suspects were detained.

38 percent decline in murder cases
President Bukele said that this strategy had worked in Comasagua. The government estimates that compared to 2021, there has been a 38 per cent decline in murder cases in the last 10 months. The El Salvador gang is estimated to have around 70,000 members. These gangs have controlled the area for a long time. The screws on them increased when the graves of gang members were destroyed earlier this month. Several NGOs say that around 80 of those arrested during the crackdown died.

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