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Army’s reputation reached the trough in Pakistan, while leaving, Bajwa told the formula to increase respect

Rawalpindi: Pakistan’s outgoing Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Qamar Javed Bajwa believes that the army’s decision to remain ‘apolitical’ will help in boosting its prestige. In an exclusive interview to Geo News, General Bajwa was quoted as saying, “Pakistan Army has always been a major player in national decision making. Due to its historic role in the country’s politics, the army has faced severe criticism from the public and politicians. The general will hand over command of the army on Tuesday to Gen Asim Munir, who was appointed by the government last week as his successor. General Bajwa is retiring on 29 November. He has said earlier also that the army should stay away from political issues.

major reason for criticism
Gen Bajwa said, ‘Though the decision is being viewed negatively by a section of the society and has led to personal criticism, it will help in reinvigorating the democratic culture. Will help the organs of the state to perform effectively. Above all, this decision will help in enhancing the prestige of the Army in the long run. The outgoing army chief said that in the entire history of the country, the army has earned the respect and trust of the Pakistani nation unmatched. ,General Bajwa showed mirror to Pakistan by comparing it with Indian Army, gave advice to Imran
public support
He said, ‘The positive and constructive role of the army in the national security and development of Pakistan has always received unwavering support of the people. I believe that when the military is seen to be involved in political affairs, public support and affinity for the armed forces diminishes. Therefore it is wise to protect the Pakistan Army from the uncertainty of politics. He assured that despite some criticism and unwarranted condemnation of the armed forces through massive propaganda and carefully crafted false narratives, the institution would remain committed to its apolitical role.

said the same thing before
This statement of General Bajwa has come at a time when in recent times the army has said that it will stay away from political issues. Pakistan’s army is always accused of supporting one or the other political party. General Bajwa had said something similar in his last farewell speech on 23 November. He said that the army had to face a lot of criticism because of its ‘unconstitutional’ interference in the country’s politics for the last 70 years.

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