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Australia Politics: Australian PM Anthony Albanese slams former Prime Minister, accused of secretly holding five ministries

Canberra: Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese on Tuesday accused his predecessor Scott Morrison of keeping five ministerial posts while in power, mostly without informing other lawmakers or the public. Prime Minister Albanese accused Morrison of “crushing democracy”. He said Morrison had kept the Australians in the dark and misled Parliament as to who had which department. “This government kept on deceiving it,” he said.

Albanese said Morrison was appointed Minister of Health, Finance, Home Affairs, Finance and Industry between March 2020 and May 2021, giving Morrison the same powers as ministers already appointed to these positions. “It is absolutely extraordinary that the Morrison government has kept these appointments a secret from the Australian people,” the prime minister told reporters in Canberra.
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What did Scott Morrison say
Meanwhile, on Sydney radio station 2GB, Morrison defended keeping the additional portfolios with him, saying that these were kept as security during the coronavirus pandemic and that if he had exercised his powers, he would have made the appointments public. do.
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mention of corona period
“Sometimes we forget what happened two years ago and the situation we were dealing with. It was an unconventional and unprecedented time.




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