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Australia Radioactive Capsule: Capsule as big as a grain of rice created panic in Australia, many teams searching on the way of 36 km

Canberra : Australian authorities have warned that a deadly radioactive capsule has been lost and is likely to never be found. The size of the tiny capsule is that of a grain of rice. The deadly capsule disappeared during a long truck journey from the mine to the depot in the city of Perth. How dangerous this capsule is can be gauged from the fact that help has been sought from Commonwealth states to find it. The small capsule of size 8 mm x 6 mm is being searched along a 36 km long path with the help of metal detectors and radioactive equipment.

The biggest concern about the capsule is its radioactive material. Touching this substance called Cesium-137 can prove fatal. People have been warned to stay away from anything that looks like a capsule. The authorities have used GPS data to trace the exact route of the truck. Emergency services are unable to locate the capsule with search equipment and are calling for help.
Australia Radioactive: Dangerous radioactive chemical disappeared on the way of 1400 km, cancer may occur on touching, alert issued in Australia

Radiation equivalent to 17 X-rays

Lauren Stein, manager of Western Australia Radiation Services, said the situation left her “spinning”. He said that if you stand at a distance of one meter from it, you are exposed to radiation about 17 times of X-rays. On Sunday, the Department of Fire and Emergency Services said they would use new high tech sensors to detect the device.

‘May never meet’

The truck left the mine on 12 January and reached Perth on 16 January. It is believed that a bolt of the capsule case may have loosened somewhere during the journey. Experts estimate that the small capsule may have fallen out of the bolt hole. After this, teams equipped with radioactive and metal detectors started a massive search operation to find the capsule. Some experts said that there is a possibility that we will never get it.

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