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Ayodhya: Consecration of Ram temple will be celebrated in America also

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Ayodhya: Ram Temple

America News: The date of consecration of Ram temple in Ayodhya is getting closer. Half of the last month of the year 2023 has passed and at the beginning of next year, on 22 January, Ramlala will be seated in the grand Ram temple built in Ayodhya. The consecration ceremony of Ram Temple is a matter of joy for Hindus all over the world. This consecration of Ram Temple will be celebrated with enthusiasm across the seven seas and in America also. People of the Hindu community living in America have made complete preparations for this.

People of Hindu community living in America are planning to celebrate the consecration of Ram temple in Ayodhya next month i.e. January 2024 by lighting five lamps in their homes. The American Hindu community has also planned to organize many programs on this occasion. This includes taking out car rallies in different cities, live telecast of the grand opening ceremony and community meetings etc.

Know what the Hindu community leaders in Chicago said?

Bharat Barai, a leader of the Hindu community in Chicago, said, “This is a dream come true for all of us. We never thought in our life that we would see this day. That moment has come. It is time to celebrate (inauguration) of Ram temple in Ayodhya.” Dr. Barai, one of the people invited by the temple authorities to participate in the Pran Pratistha ceremony on January 22 next year, said a large number of Hindu Americans had participated in the Ram Janmabhoomi movement.

Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America launches website

Vishva Hindu Parishad of America (VHPA) has launched a website to facilitate participation of more than 1,000 temples and individuals in these celebrations. This organization is leading the celebrations here. The VHPA has appealed to all Hindu Americans to light at least five lamps in their homes to celebrate the Pran Pratistha ceremony at the temple. He said, ‘There is unprecedented enthusiasm among Hindu Americans. A large number of Indian Americans want to go to Ayodhya to be a part of this historic ceremony. Ramlala’s life will be consecrated with the lotus flowers of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. A large number of people have been invited to participate in this program.

Devotees will be able to have darshan from 23rd January

Let us tell you that after the consecration of life on 22nd January in Ayodhya, all Ram devotees will be able to have darshan of Lord Ramlala in the grand temple from 22nd January. After Pran Pratistha, well-organized arrangements inside the Ram temple will be visible. Along with distribution of Prasad, emphasis will be laid on smoothening the traffic routes. Arrangements will be made so that every Ram devotee coming to the temple can have darshan comfortably. One and a half lakh to two and a half lakh people will be able to have darshan of Lord Ram Lala every day. There will be arrangements for darshan in four rows.

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