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Basic Group asked ‘Global Stocktake’ to account for the failures of developed countries, know what is the whole matter

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The ‘BASIC’ group, with India’s membership, has also sought an account of the failures of developed countries from the ‘Global Stocktake’ during the annual climate summit in Dubai. BASIC countries said that it should give these details. Sources gave this information. Let us tell you that Global Stocktake (GST) is a fundamental component of the Paris Agreement, which is used to monitor the implementation of the agreement and evaluate the collective progress made in achieving the agreed targets.

‘BASIC’ is a group of four large newly industrialized countries Brazil, South Africa, India and China, which was formed under an agreement in 2009. ‘Global Stocktake’ is expected to be in discussion during the ongoing climate summit in Dubai. Several delegates present at the initial talks said BASIC, a grouping of Brazil, South Africa, India and China, condemned the fragmented multilateralism of the developed world. A representative of the Pacific Islands Group told PTI, “The group stressed that GST should take account of achievements and failures, including those of developed countries.

Unilateralism and protectionism condemned

” Another representative of Kenya also confirmed the demand of the ‘BASIC’ countries and said the group also condemned unilateralism and trade protectionism. The Indian delegation, when contacted, confirmed the demands of the ‘Basic’ group, but underlined that these were preliminary demands before negotiations could fully begin. The four countries had committed to work jointly at the Copenhagen climate summit. He called for a mass walkout if their common needs were not met by developed nations. (language)

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