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Before the decision on the ‘Grey List’, Pakistan raged on the Indian media, said- lies spread against us

Pakistan On Indian Media: The Financial Action Task Force (FATF), a Paris-based organization that monitors terror financing, will decide whether Pakistan will be taken out of the gray list or not in a meeting to be held this week. However, before this Pakistan has issued a statement. Pakistan said that we categorically reject the malicious campaign planned by the Indian media against Pakistan ahead of the FATF plenary meeting. Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry spokesman said that this is not the first time that just before the official meetings of the FATF, misleading, baseless and fabricated propaganda is being promoted against Pakistan by the Indian media.

A spokesman for the Palestinian Foreign Ministry said, “The FATF and the wider international community have repeatedly acknowledged the steps taken to reform Pakistan’s AML/CFT regime. There has been a tendency to politicize the process and cast doubt on Pakistan’s efforts and achievements. Despite India’s fiercest efforts, the FATF in its June 2022 plenary meeting agreed that Pakistan has fully met all substantive and procedural requirements of both its 2018 and 2021 action plans.”

Serious allegations against Indian media

The spokesperson said, “Indian media and state organs running the mill of falsehood and propaganda have no credibility. Their anti-Pakistan narrative is baseless and distorted. If anything, these conspiracies are merely the hollow credibility of the Indian media and its patrons. serve to further expose the hatred of.

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In 2018 Pakistan was put in the gray list

Significantly, in the meeting to be held this week, the Financial Action Task Force will decide whether Pakistan will be taken out of the gray list or not. Pakistan was included in this list in June 2018. In the June meeting of the FATF, it was said that Pakistan has worked extensively on all 34 points of the two action plans. In such a situation, now Pakistan hopes that it can be out of the ‘Grey List’. At the same time, Pakistani sources claim that FATF can exclude Pakistan from the gray list, because Pakistan has done everything that FATF wanted. Let us tell you that the FATF will announce its decision on Friday.

What is FATF?

Gray listing means that the FATF has placed a country under surveillance to check its progress on measures against money laundering and the financing of terrorism. As of March 2022, there are 23 countries on the FATF’s increased monitoring list, officially known as “Jurisdictions with Strategic Deficiencies” – including Pakistan, Syria, Turkey, Myanmar, the Philippines, South Sudan, Uganda and Yemen. Huh.

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