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Biden is giving a shit to India! This work is incomplete for one and a half year, questions are being raised on the friendship of both the countries

Washington: America’s Biden administration often claims India to be an important ally in the Indo-Pacific region. Biden has met with PM Modi several times after becoming the President. Despite all this, the Biden administration of America has not yet been able to appoint its full-time ambassador to India. Earlier, Biden had nominated Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti for the post of Ambassador to India after coming to power, but his appointment has not been formally announced yet. Now a meeting of the US Senate is going to be held next week, which could be the last chance to appoint Garcetti as India’s ambassador.

Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer has called for a vote next week on the appointment of Mayor Garcetti as ambassador. If it doesn’t happen now, Garcetti’s future will hang in the balance. Earlier in January, the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Senate had forwarded Garcetti’s name for the post of Ambassador of India. Now many leaders of Biden’s party are no longer supporting Garcetti. In fact, Garcetti and his former chief of staff were alleged in a Senate report that they knew of sex crimes by a former top adviser to the mayor.
India lies between ‘difficult neighbours’, will help defend borders: US
India lies between ‘tough neighbours’: Garcetti
This has put Garcetti’s nomination in limbo. This Senate report was prepared by Republican Senator Chuck Grassley on the basis of his investigation. He had said in his report that Garcetti’s appointment should be delayed. He said that there are many credible allegations against Garcetti. Garcetti’s office has repeatedly denied that Mayer had witnessed or heard of sexual harassment. Garcetti’s appointment has been hanging since these allegations.

Earlier after the appointment, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Michael Garcetti had said that India is situated between ‘difficult neighbours’. Garcetti had said he would further US efforts to strengthen India’s ability to “defend its borders and sovereignty and deter attacks”. He told the MPs, ‘India is situated between difficult neighbours. If my name is confirmed, I will advance US efforts to defend its borders and sovereignty and strengthen India’s ability to deter attacks. Even after this much time has passed, now questions are being raised about America’s friendship with India if Garcetti is not appointed.


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