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Big cyber attack on Iran! Work stopped at 70 percent gas stations in the country

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Big cyber attack on Iran!

Iran News: There are discussions about a suspicious cyber attack on Iran. According to the information, work at about 70 percent of Iran’s gas stations has come to a standstill on Monday. Iran’s government television channel gave this information. According to the news, due to ‘software problem’ there was irregularity in the functioning of the gas station. Through the channel, people were urged not to visit gas stations that were still operating.

Israeli media, including The Times of Israel, blamed the problem on an attack by a hacker group called ‘Gonjeshke Darande’ or ‘Predatory Sparrows’.

There are 33 thousand stations in Iran

The government television channel quoted the Oil Ministry’s statement as saying that more than 30 percent of the gas stations in the country are still functioning. There are approximately 33,000 gas stations in the country. Iran’s gas stations, railway system and industries have been hit several times in recent years by cyber attacks.

Cyber ​​attack has happened before

Even the cameras installed to monitor government buildings including jails have been hacked. ‘Gonjeshke Darande’ had hacked the computer system of a major steel company located in the south-west of Iran in 2022. In 2021, there was also a cyber attack on Iran’s fuel distribution system due to which gas stations across the country came to a standstill.

Iran has warned America

It is noteworthy that Iran considers America as its biggest enemy. Amidst the war between Israel and Hamas, Iran raised the question of America’s diminishing presence and said that ‘America’s role is continuously decreasing in the Middle East. Iran described America as an oppressor. Major General Hossein Salami, head of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, paid tribute to the unknown martyrs and said that we will continue to support Palestine until the end. Major General Hossein Salami claimed that the Americans were packing their belongings and moving away from the area. The commander of Iran said that we are with all those who are troubled by the atrocities of Israel and America.

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