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Big drama in China, ex-President was ‘forcibly’ expelled from party Congress, Jinping’s opponent Prime Minister was dealt

Beijing: In the 20th Congress of the Communist Party in China, a big drama was seen amid the coronation of Xi Jinping for the third time. Former Chinese President Hu Jintao was ‘forcibly’ thrown out of the party congress. When Hu Jintao was evicted, the closing ceremony was going on in the Great Hall of China. The video of this incident is now being shared fiercely on social media. Not only this, Prime Minister Li Keqiang, who was a staunch opponent of Xi Jinping after the Party Congress, was shown the way out of the Central Committee. With this, he has now retired from party activities.

It is seen in the video that security personnel are forcibly removing Hu Jintao by holding hands. During this, Hu Jintao does not want to leave and protests, but he is thrown out of the Great Hall by holding hands. During this, one Chinese leader tried to convince Hu Jintao but the other stopped him. Hu Jintao is 79 years old and was placed in the front seat of the Great Hall. President Xi Jinping was sitting right in front of him. After this two people approach him. Hu Jintao spoke to him for a while.
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Hu Jintao did not want to leave the Great Hall
It is seen in the video that Hu Jintao did not want to leave the Great Hall after talking to both the people. However, both the men held hands and removed them from the Great Hall. The circumstances under which Hu Jintao was evacuated are not yet clear. Hu Jintao was seen placing his hands on the shoulders of President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Li Keqiang. Hu Jintao retired in 2013. In recent times, he has appeared quite ill in public.

Meanwhile, at the Party Congress, it has been decided that Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has been removed from the Communist Party’s main leadership Central Committee. In this way, the Chinese Prime Minister, who comes second after Xi Jinping, has retired from the role of the party. Premier Li was considered the main rival of Xi Jinping. With this, the way has been cleared for Xi Jinping’s coronation for the third time. Not only this, Wang Yang, who was the fourth most powerful officer in China, has also been shown the way out.
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Xi Jinping becomes most powerful in China
According to analysts, Xi Jinping’s supporters have now been given more space in the Communist Party’s Central Committee. With the departure of Premier Li, now Xi Jinping has become the most powerful in China. With Xi supporters dominating the Central Committee, the Chinese President will be able to take tough decisions easily in his third term. In this way, the way for Xi Jinping to become the most powerful leader in the country has been completely cleared.



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