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Big trouble for China, first earthquake caused devastation, now a new challenge is facing the victims.

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Earthquake victims shivering in the cold in China.

China News: The situation has become worse due to the earthquake in China. Hundreds of deaths have occurred. A large number of people have been affected. The relief and rescue work is going on with great effort by the government. Meanwhile, first the earthquake caused devastation in China and now another new problem has arisen for the earthquake victims. According to the information, cold has now become a big challenge for earthquake victims in China.

According to the information, after the devastation caused by the earthquake in the remote mountainous region of North-West China, cold has now become a challenge for the victims, who are taking shelter in temporary camps. Amidst the devastation caused by the earthquake, on the one hand, there has been a year of grief of losing loved ones, while on the other hand, how to get their lives back on track has also become a matter of concern for the victims.

Weather became a hindrance in rescue work

Due to the earthquake, relief and rescue work is going on rapidly. But this work is being hampered due to weather related obstacles. Meanwhile, Han Zhongmin, an earthquake victim, with the help of his wife, takes out some remaining items from the debris and says, ‘Look at this. What has my house turned into in a single night?’ Zhongmin had built his house only 6 years ago. But the house was destroyed due to the earthquake that occurred on Monday night. The house was turned into debris. Around 135 people have died due to the earthquake. More than 900 people have been injured. Most of these injured people are from Gansu province. The remaining affected people are from nearby Qinghai province.

Earthquake victims narrated their ordeal

Ma Lianqiang stood next to his dead wife’s body, wrapped in a blanket, in a tent-like makeshift shelter. His sick wife went to her mother’s house for better care but was struck and killed in the earthquake. Ma and other members of his family survived despite extensive damage to their home in Yanghwa, which is in Gansu province.

15 thousand houses collapsed, 87 thousand people were evacuated to safe place

His father pulled Ma’s son out of the debris. Ma’s son is injured. His uncle said he heard an earthquake and then the house started collapsing. Uncle Ma Chengming said, ‘We were extremely scared and we all crawled out.’ Nearly 15,000 houses collapsed in Gansu and more than 87,000 people were evacuated to shelters, provincial officials said at a news conference on Wednesday.

The temperature dropped below zero, causing embarrassment

Many people spent the night in shelters set up in the area as temperatures dropped well below zero. In the north, searchers in Qinghai are searching for 12 people missing in an area where landslides razed two villages. Initially the number of missing people was less than 20. According to government broadcaster ‘CCTV’, the death toll in the province has increased to 22. Authorities in Gansu said their search and rescue efforts were complete by Tuesday afternoon.

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