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Billionaire Jeff Bezos’s ex-wife Mackenzie Scott just wrote a line and divorced her second teacher husband too

New YorkMackenzie Scott, the ex-wife of Jeff Bezos, the founder of the Amazon website and one of the world’s richest people, is once again in the headlines. McKenzie has once again applied for divorce and has made up her mind to leave her second husband. McKenzie married Dan Jewett in 2019 after divorcing Bezos. But now she wants to end this marriage as well. Jewett’s name has been removed from the list of rich people of the McKenzie Schort Group. These are the people who take a vow to leave half their wealth before they die. This information has been given by the British newspaper The Independent. Dan Jewett had made up his mind to join Mackenzie Schort’s vow after her marriage.

one line petition
Mackenzie Scott is one of the richest and most influential philanthropists in the world. “We have asked the court to end our marriage,” Scott said in a petition filed in King County Superior Court in Washington on Monday. The documents clearly show that the two have contracts specifying how the real estate and other personal properties will be divided. However, McKenzie has said in her petition that she does not need any help after her divorce from her husband. There is a line in the petition in which both will give information whether they had a pre-nuptial agreement before marriage or only a separation contract. Donald Trump often used to taunt his ex-girlfriend Cara Young’s black mother, big disclosure in new book
McKenzie is very rich
According to the New York Times, Dan Jewett’s name has also been removed by McKenzie from his Amazon author bio. McKenzie married Jewett in the year 2021. Dan Jewett was then a science teacher at a private school in Seattle. After marriage, he said goodbye to his job. She believed that after her marriage to McKenzie, her presence on campus would divert people’s attention. According to a Bloomberg report, McKenzie is currently the owner of about $27.8 billion.

donating property
After her divorce with Bezos, she has been increasingly donating a part of her wealth. He has donated more than $12 billion in assets in three years. Last week, Mackenz donated two of his Beverly Hills mansions to the California Community Foundation. Their price is said to be around 55 million dollars. He has also donated to the $1.5 million Health Forward Foundation and the $2 million Episcopal Health Foundation in Houston.



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