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Black Hole NASA: ‘Gold factory’ seen in space… Swarm of stars collided with black hole, treasure came out with gamma rays!

Washington: There has been a loud explosion in space. Scientists believe that this astronomical phenomenon happened due to the collision of stars with black holes. This explosion of gamma rays has been seen by a space telescope and an observatory of NASA. A team of scientists, including physicists from the University of Leicester, has dubbed the explosion a rare cosmic event, which was only a few minutes long. He hopes that his research will prove helpful in future studies on such incidents.

Gamma ray bursts are the most powerful explosions in the universe. This explosion was detected in December 2021 from a nearby galaxy. Scientists have named this explosion as GRB 211211A. It was relatively long so it emitted more infrared light than expected. His research suggests that the light came from a kilonova. A kilonova is a stellar astronomical phenomenon in which neutron stars and black holes collide.

Are there gold factories in space?
The research team was led by Jillian Rastinejad of Northwestern University in the US. It included experts from the Universities of Birmingham and Leicester, as well as Radboud University in the Netherlands. The researchers said they believe the explosion produced elements such as gold and platinum. Dr Matt Nicol, an associate professor at the University of Birmingham, said the research supports the idea that kilonovae are ‘the main gold factories in the universe’.

8.5 billion year old explosion seen now
Similarly, in February, scientists had seen a bright light. It came from a star that got very close to the supermassive black hole. The star was torn to pieces by reaching the black hole’s gravitational field. This rare event took place 8.5 billion light years away from Earth. This means that this star was broken 8.5 billion years ago, due to which the light emitted has now reached the Earth.

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