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Black Magic Voodoo: Voodoo people do black magic to talk to spirits! Mysterious African religion spread around the world

Porto Novo : Voodoo, the largest religion in the West African country of Benin, has more than 50 million followers across West Africa. Apart from this, it also has a large number of followers in the Caribbean, South America and the southern part of America. The name of the thousands-year-old religion means ‘god’, ‘spirit’ or ‘power’ in the Fon language. People of this religion believe in the power of nature and natural forces.

In Benin, you will find voodoo culture very easily. Today we will tell you about the black magic of Voodoo religion, which is an important part of this culture. For most people, black magic is the most fascinating aspect of Voodoo or any other traditional African culture. Magic is a big part of daily Beninese life. Everyone you meet here seems like a local magician.

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Help is sought from God in black magic
The magic of Benin is not the simple magic of pulling a rabbit out of a hat or a flower out of a handkerchief. It is not only exciting but also dangerous. Beninese magic also has a religious significance which is also used for healing. In this process, God is invoked for help. It is also said to be the most important magic to explain the connection between the known human world and the strange world of ghosts and gods.

Amulets and animal parts are sold in Benin
Magic is most commonly used to communicate with spirits to ask for help in protection or healing of a person. You will see many things related to this being sold here, such as amulets or mutilated parts of animals. Voodoo priests, like priests in Christianity or clerics in Islam, are ritual leaders who oversee most religious affairs and ceremonies.

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