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Brazil preparing to sink aircraft carrier full of dangerous toxic substances, environmentalists warn

Brasilia. Brazil is going to do something on the Atlantic Sea which has been criticized by environmentalists. Brazil is planning to sink one of its 3000-ton aircraft carriers filled with toxic substances. It has been in the Atlantic in a damaged state for months. It contains a large amount of polluting substances. The nearly six-decade-old warship, Sao Paulo, will now be scrapped, the Navy and Defense Ministry said in a statement on Wednesday. The Ministry of Defense said that in view of the increased risk of the ship, there is no option but to sink it in a planned (controlled) manner. Environmentalists criticized it saying that it is full of toxic substances which are extremely harmful to the environment.

Environmentalists attacked the decision, saying the aircraft carrier carries tons of asbestos, heavy metals and other toxic substances that could seep into the water and pollute the marine food chain, according to the new agency South China Morning Post. Jim Puckett, director of the Basel Action Network (BAN), accused the Brazilian Navy of gross negligence. He said that if they dump the highly toxic ship in the Atlantic Ocean, they will violate the terms of international environmental treaties. Meanwhile, French environmental group Robin des Bois called the ship a 30,000-tonne toxic package.

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There was a plan to destroy only last year
Last year, Brazil authorized Turkish firm Sok Denizlik to dismantle Sao Paulo for scrap metal. But in August, just as a tugboat was about to take it out to the Mediterranean, Turkish environmental officials put the plan on hold. Brazil then brought the aircraft carrier back, but did not allow it into port, citing high risks to the environment. The Brazilian Navy said it towed the ship 350 km (215 mi) off the coast of Brazil in water 5,000 meters deep. The Navy called it the safest area for operations.
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Let us tell you that this aircraft carrier, built in France in the late 1950s, was operated by the Navy for 37 years. The aircraft carrier earned a place in the naval history of the 20th century. It participated in France’s first nuclear tests in the Pacific in the 1960s and in deployments to Africa, the Middle East and the former Yugoslavia in the 1970s to 1990s.

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