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BRICS moves ahead on the basis of India, Russia, China, American friends are changing, G7’s rule will end?

Washington: In the midst of the Ukraine war, America is now seeing a big setback from BRICS. BRICS, led by the world’s 5 emerging economies India, Russia, China, South Africa and Brazil, has now expanded its influence in the world very rapidly. In this, Russia and China are two such countries which are staunch opponents of America. On the other hand, America has to chew gram in order to increase its global agenda to other countries of the world other than traditional allies. The economy of the BRICS countries is more than a quarter of the total GDP of the world. Not only this, 40 percent of the world’s total population lives in these BRICS countries. In the recently held BRICS summit, 19 countries participated. Now it is being compared with the G7 bloc of developed countries. Let us know how BRICS is now challenging America’s global influence.

The name of BRICS is made up of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. It is not a formal alliance and there are wide differences between its member countries such as India and China. Even after this, there is one thing that binds them together. All these countries are making a separate economic and trading system from the western structure, which is now being liked by other countries too. In June last, a meeting of BRICS countries was held in Beijing in which Argentina and Iran have also applied to join this organization. On the other hand, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, a close friend of America and Turkey, a member of NATO, have also expressed their desire to join BRICS.
Saudi Arabia wants to join BRICS, what is its US factor, how for India?
19 countries participated in the BRICS summit, showed strength
Now Algeria has also confirmed that their country is going to apply for BRICS membership. In the BRICS Plus summit organized by China, the President of Algeria argued that developing countries are constantly being kept in isolation from various institutions of global good governance. This is causing instability, increasing inequality and affecting development. He said that according to the resolution of the United Nations in 1974, there is a need to build a ‘new economic order’. They also talked about building a new international order based on collective security.

Delegates from 19 countries participated in the BRICS summit, including 5 heads of state from BRICS countries. Apart from this, representatives of Argentina, Cambodia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Fiji, Indonesia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Nigeria, Senegal, Thailand and Uzbekistan also attended the summit. The US has dismissed fears of a crisis from BRICS on the sovereignty of the G7. The G7 countries include Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the UK and the US. In the midst of the Ukraine war, the dispute between the G7 countries and Russia has increased significantly. Western countries have imposed many sanctions on Russia, due to which BRICS has once again come under discussion. Algeria is also important in that it is the third largest country to supply gas to the European Union. That too when Europe is reducing gas imports with Russia.
America will give a befitting reply to Russia’s threat, new nuclear bombs will be stationed at Putin’s door
US friend Saudi Arabia will join BRICS!
The biggest blow to the US may come from Saudi Arabia, which has long been its closest ally in the Gulf countries. Despite Biden’s refusal, Saudi Arabia has cut oil production with Russia. This angered Biden badly and he has threatened the Saudi prince of dire consequences. Saudi Arabia now wants to join BRICS, which Putin has openly supported. He said that Saudi Arabia’s economy is getting stronger with oil in other ways. The Saudi prince wants to diversify the economy. Not only this, Putin also told Saudi Arabia the right to become a member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. India, Russia, China, Iran are full members in Shanghai Cooperation Organization. After Putin’s statement, China has also said that it supports the expansion of BRICS. Meanwhile, now Chinese President Xi Jinping is going on a rare visit to Saudi Arabia. This visit is considered a symbol of the growing friendship between China and Saudi Arabia.



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