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Britain: 100 MPs will try to remove Liz Truss from the post of PM this week, claims report

British PM Liz Truss Political Crisis: Despite warnings from Downing Street in London, several British MPs will try to remove Liz Truss from the post of Prime Minister this week, leading to a general election (UK General) Election) can be a possibility. Daily Mail has given this information.

The English tabloid quoted sources as saying that more than a hundred MPs of the governing Conservative Party are ready to give letters of no confidence to Graham Brady regarding the truss. Brady heads the Conservative Party committee that organizes leadership elections. It is noteworthy that the country has not recovered from the political crisis since Britain voted to leave the European Union in 2016. During this time Britain has lost three prime ministers.

Report claims about this possible move of MPs

The report said lawmakers would urge Brady to tell Truss that his time is up or to change party rules to allow a confidence test with immediate effect.

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Graham Brady is reported to have disagreed with the protesting lawmakers and said that Liz Truss and new Chancellor Jeremy Hunt should be given a chance to formulate an economic strategy for the budget to be presented on October 31. According to the news of The Times, some MPs are secretly discussing how to replace the truss with a new leader.

How did the political existence of the truss become in jeopardy?

Truss won the British PM’s election last month, promising tax reform. It is being told that the exemption policy in tax rates has become a noose around his neck. She is fighting for her political existence. According to reports, MPs are blaming Liz Truss for Britain’s economic turmoil. Truss recently had to remove his close friend Quasi Quarteng from the post of finance minister. Tax cuts were made in the mini budget presented by Karteng as finance minister. It is being said that this move saw a fall in the pound and increased the interest rates of government debt.

It is being told that other party leaders are also against Liz Truss’s tax cut policy. They see this move as a relief to the rich. Rishi Sunak, who was Liz Truss’s rival during the election, had opposed the tax cut move. It is being said in the report that now once again an atmosphere is being created for Rishi Sunak.

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