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Britain has now sent Brimstone-2 missile to Ukraine, Russian tanks will become the age, know the strength

Kyiv: The Russia-Ukraine war has now entered its 10th month and NATO countries are continuously sending lethal weapons and missiles to Ukraine. Under this, Britain has now sent the state-of-the-art Brimstone-2 missile to Ukraine. This deadly missile has the capability to destroy Russian tanks and choose its target on its own. In the war in Ukraine, the Russian army is now targeting Ukraine’s power plants to break the morale of the Ukrainian people in the midst of severe cold.

The government of Ukraine has issued a statement saying that Russia has so far targeted 32,000 civilian targets with missiles and cannon balls since the start of the war in February. He said that only 3 percent of military bases have come under attack. Britain’s Ministry of Defense has announced that it has given the Brimstone-2 missile to the Ukrainian army amid fierce Russian attacks. Britain said that our military help has played an important role in stopping the advance of the Russian army.
Putin will push Ukraine into 18th century, America, Europe, Britain will have to pay the price… Russian MP threatensMissile’s firepower up to 60 km
Ukraine is targeting Russia’s tanks and other weapons with these missiles. The pictures of Britain sending these missiles had gone viral on social media in the past. Earlier Britain had sent Brimstone 1 missile. The Ukrainian army is deploying missiles and launchers to destroy enemy targets. State-of-the-art airframe and updated software have been installed in this Brimstone-2 missile of Britain. If this missile is fired from an aircraft, then its firepower remains up to about 60 km.

Brimstone and other missiles can give a befitting reply to any offensive operation by the Russian army. It can destroy the pre-set target with the help of laser or otherwise. It has a radar which helps in identifying the target. This allows the radar missile to scan the battlefield. Also it helps in identifying and destroying the exact target. This missile is specially designed to destroy ground targets.

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