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Britain’s new PM Rishi Sunak also had to take a U-turn, know what is COP27

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced on Wednesday that he would attend next week’s climate summit in Egypt. This decision of his is believed to be the first major U-turn after assuming the chair. U-turn because recently a statement was issued on behalf of Sunak’s office saying that he would not be a part of this meeting. Since his decision, he has faced criticism from climate activists and from within his government.

Now Rishi Sunak changed his decision and tweeted saying, ‘Prosperity cannot be expected in future without taking action on climate change.’ Sunak said that it is meaningless to talk about energy in the future without investing in renewable energy.

He made the remarks in the context of the UK-led COP 26 summit in Scotland in November last year. After changing Sunak’s decision, the opposition Labor Party attacked him fiercely. Sunak’s critics said his decision not to attend the summit was an opportunity to walk shoulder to shoulder with US President Joe Biden and leaders of European countries.

Let us tell you that COP 27 is the 27th annual meeting of the United Nations on the issue of climate. This time this meeting is going to be held in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt from 6 to 18 November.

What is the United Nations Climate Summit?

The United Nations Climate Summit (COP27) is an annual conference. In which the governments of different countries discuss at the global level what steps should be taken to stop climate change. The United Nations Climate Summit is also called the COP or ‘Conference of the Parties’. These conferences include the countries that signed the original climate agreement in 1992.

Why are these meetings needed?

The way the weather is changing around the world, or rather, the temperature of the earth is increasing continuously. It is very important for the heads of all countries to discuss this. One of the main reasons for the rise in the temperature of the house is the man-made emissions that result from the burning of fossil fuels such as oil, gas and coal.

According to scientists of the United Nations, the temperature of our earth has increased by 1.1 degrees Celsius at present and according to the International Panel on Climate Change, this temperature can still increase by 1.5 degrees Celsius.

According to the IPCC forecast, if the Earth’s temperature rises by 1.7 or 1.8 degrees Celsius compared to the 1850s, then half of the world’s population will be exposed to deadly heat and it will be difficult for them to live. To stop this rising temperature, in the year 2015, 194 countries had made an agreement in Paris. The purpose of this agreement was to stop the increase in global temperature to less than 1.5 °C.

Why is the conference being held in Egypt?

Climate conferences have already taken place in some part of Africa. This will be the fifth time that this conference is being held in Africa. One of the reasons for choosing this place is that this place is one of the most sensitive areas of the world. According to the IPCC, there are currently 17 million people facing food challenges due to drought in East Africa. However, some human rights groups and environmental activists say the government has barred them from attending the Egyptian summit because they have been questioning the government’s record.

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