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Britain’s Prince Harry won this much discussed case, ‘Daily Mirror’ will have to pay fine

Image Source: AP
Britain’s Prince Harry.

Prince Harry, the younger son of Britain’s King Charles III, has won a much-discussed case. This has dealt a big blow to the newspaper Daily Mirror. The court has also ordered Daily Mirror to pay a huge fine. Prince Harry has expressed happiness after winning the phone hacking case filed against the publisher of ‘Daily Mirror’. The court has ordered the newspaper to pay him 1,40,600 British pounds (ie about 1 lakh 78 thousand dollars) as compensation.

After the court’s decision, Harry said it was a “big day for truth and accountability.” Harry, the younger son of Britain’s King Charles III, and his wife, American actress Meghan Markle, live in America. Harry has been continuously in the headlines for various issues related to his personal life. Harry (39) had named three newspapers of Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN) ‘Mirror’, ‘Sunday Mirror’ and ‘People’ in the lawsuit. High Court judge Timothy Fancourt found that phone hacking had been going on for years for the Mirror Group newspapers. He said that the newspaper executives were aware of this and had covered it up.

Fancourt gave this order to Daily Mirror

Fancourt found that of the 33 newspaper articles cited during the trial, 15 were based on inaccurately compiled information. Harry had demanded 4,40,000 pounds ($5,60,000) as compensation in the lawsuit. Harry’s lawyer read a statement outside the court saying: “Today is a great day for truth as well as accountability. “The court has ruled that illegal and criminal activities were being carried out on a habitual and widespread basis across all three Mirror Group newspapers for more than a decade.” An MGN spokesperson said in a statement after the decision, “We welcome today’s decision. (Language)

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