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British King Charles resolved to protect religious diversity, know what he said

UK King Charles III Pledges: Britain’s new King Charles III, as the new ruler, pledged the ‘Additional Duty’ of protecting the country’s religious diversity and the sovereignty of the various communities of the Commonwealth. Addressing a group of leaders of different religions and sects on Friday evening in the Bow Room of Buckingham Palace, Charles said he had always held the view that Britain was a “community of different communities”.

The coffin of the late Queen Elizabeth II was placed in this chamber before the final journey to Westminster Hall. During this, representatives of Hindu, Sikh, Islamic, Buddhist organizations in Britain and the Catholic Church, Greek Orthodox Church, Church of Scotland, as well as the leading Rabbi of London and a Parsi priest attended.

What did the Maharaja say?

Lord Inderjit Singh, director of the ‘Network of Sikh Organizations’ (NSO) was also among those who attended the meeting. Addressing about 30 leaders of different religions and sects, the new Maharaja said, “My idea about Britain has always been that it should be a community of communities.”

King Charles III said, “I believe that there is an additional duty which has been formally recognized relatively little but which cannot in any way be taken as an understatement. This duty is to protect the diversity of our country, which includes protecting the various faiths and adherence to them through religions, cultures, traditions and beliefs. Diversity is not only contained in the laws of our country, but it is also related to my faith.” Committed to the Anglo-Christian sect, Charles said that he would defend all faiths and follow the foundation laid by his ‘beloved mother’. I believe in strengthening.

King Charles III further said this

As Maharaja, Charles is now the head of the Church of England. He confirmed that there would be no change to his coronation, likely next year, and that upon taking office he had already followed in the footsteps of other kings in history by taking an oath to protect Protestantism in Scotland. .

Charles stated that, however, as a member of the Church of England, he had a love for the Christian faith and that he respected those following other spiritual paths as well as those who wished to live their lives according to secular views. feel a duty to do.

Queen’s funeral will be held on this day

Soon after the event, Charles went to see the late Queen’s coffin kept at Westminster Hall in London. This coffin will be kept here till the funeral of the late Queen with state honors on Monday. Her younger siblings Prince Andrew and Edward and Princess Anne also attended Westminster Hall. Children dressed in military uniforms of Queen Elizabeth II stood with their heads bowed for 10 minutes. The late Queen will be cremated at Westminter Abbey on Monday.

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