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British submarine equipped with nuclear bombs was sinking in the ocean, then a miracle happened

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British submarine

British Nuclear Submarine: A major nuclear accident was avoided in the Atlantic Ocean. According to the information, a nuclear submarine of the British Royal Navy had sunk so deep into the sea that it was on the verge of sinking. There were not just one or two but 140 members on board this nuclear submarine. The big thing was that this nuclear submarine was equipped with Trident 2 nuclear missiles. These nuclear missiles are so dangerous that they would cause destruction on our entire earth.

Not only this, even if this nuclear submarine had sunk, it would have been impossible to bring it back out. Not only this, there would be a danger of Russia also getting access to this nuclear submarine. Actually, this British nuclear submarine is equipped with not one or two, but 48 nuclear bombs, which can cause nuclear devastation anywhere in the world. In such a situation, this could have been the biggest accident for Britain after the Second World War.

The depth measuring device had broken down.

According to the report of The Sun, what happened was that this British submarine was about to go out on patrol, when its crew members were surprised by what they found out. The members came to know that the depth measuring device in the submarine had stopped working. Because of this, the commanders of this submarine could not know to what depth the submarine had gone. This submarine had gone into the ‘danger zone’ and they came to know about it when they measured the depth in a different way. Efforts were immediately started to bring this 490 feet long Vanguard class submarine to surface.

Why is the British nuclear submarine patrolling since 1969?

Since 1969, a submarine of the British Navy is always on patrol with nuclear missiles so that if there is any devastating attack on the country, it can be responded to with a nuclear attack. The cost of this one submarine is 3.75 billion pounds. It has the capacity to cause destruction equal to 87 megatons on Earth. Britain currently has 4 nuclear submarines of Vanguard class, but only two are operational.

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