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Button Spider: These African spiders, the world’s most poisonous, make snakes prey in a jiffy

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The world of Africa is not only wonderful but also quite exciting. Every single animal here, from insects to insects, is completely different from the rest of the world. Their behavior and nature are also different. One of these is the Button Spider, which has been told to Navbharat Times Online by Ratnesh Pandey, a geophysicist by profession. Usually spiders eat by trapping insects and spiders in the net, but the button spider found in Africa also kills snakes and eats them with passion.

snakes get stuck
These African button spiders are barely 1.1 cm in length, but their venom is very dangerous and they kill and eat snakes 100 times larger than themselves. The African button spider weaves a web that traps snakes. Then they bite the snake with their poisonous teeth while the snake is no longer in a position to use its hood. It takes a few hours to a day for a venomous snake to die after a button spider bite. If the snake is more venomous, it may take a long time to die.

Button Spider: Photograph by James L. Castner, Department of Entomology and Nematology, University of Florida.

hunting like this
African button spiders prey mostly on small snakes, but sometimes they also kill larger snakes with their sting. African button spiders mostly hunt snakes of the Colubrid family or rat snakes prey on snakes. For these spiders it does not matter whether the snake is venomous or not.

live on animal juices
African button spiders can liquefy the inside of an animal and drink its juice, which allows them to survive for days or weeks. In such a situation, snake proves to be the best food for them. Both black and brown button spiders are found in Africa. These button spiders belong to the Latrodectus species and are quite venomous. Female button spiders are more venomous than male button spiders.

Button Spider: Photograph by Donald W. Hall, University of Florida.

Button Spider: Photograph by Donald W. Hall, University of Florida.

poison on the brain
African button spiders are the most dangerous and poisonous of all African spider species. The venom of African button spiders is highly neurotoxic with the potential to kill a human child or an adult with a weakened immune system. There are six types of button spiders found in Africa, out of which four are black button spiders and two are brown button spiders.

spiders are deadly
Black button spiders are identified by bulbous black or dark brown coloration on their bodies and marked with a red spot or stripe, and while button spiders of the other two species are recognized by their brown color, brown button spiders are less toxic. But that doesn’t mean that brown button spiders aren’t deadly. Brown button spiders are also venomous and deadly. In Africa, if a person is bitten by button spiders, it is advised to go to the doctor immediately without any delay.


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