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Call it ‘Terror Republic’, not Iran… Threat of Israeli Mossad – No Deal Will Save Us!

Tel Aviv : Israel’s Mossad, one of the most dangerous intelligence agencies in the world, is known for its successful operations and amazing capabilities. The Mossad chief says even the “rebirth” of a nuclear deal with global powers will not save Iran from Israeli operations. Israel has been opposing the 2015 nuclear deal for a long time. It says it was not enough to stop Iran’s nuclear program and failed to stop Iran’s “hostile” military activities in the Middle East.

David Barnia, who became Mossad chief in June, said in a speech: ‘We will not take part in this drama.’ He said that even if a deal is signed, it will not be able to save Iran from Mossad’s operation. The Mossad chief claimed to have stopped Iran-sponsored attacks around the world. “We have foiled dozens of Iranian terrorist attacks,” the Jerusalem Post reported. This is not the Islamic Republic of Iran, it is the Terror Republic of Iran.

All limits of cruelty crossed in Iran, mother was hanged at the hands of daughter, punished by kicking on the chair
‘Iran will become unbridled if there is a nuclear deal’
David Barnia said the International Atomic Energy Agency’s investigation into Iran’s suspected covert nuclear activity, which Tehran is demanding, should not be closed, as it could lead to “nuclear escalation”. He said that once the nuclear deal is signed, there will be no curb on Iranian terror. Although Israel has not admitted any attacks, it has been accused of engaging in a ‘shadow war’ with Iran for many years.

‘Terror is the only hope of terror’
Iran’s famous nuclear scientist Mohsin Fakhrizadeh was assassinated in the year 2020. An engineer, a military officer and another scientist have also been killed in recent months and there are rumors that Israel was involved. Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanani said in response to the statement of the Mossad chief that we do not expect anything other than terrorist activities from a terrorist regime.



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