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Canada will give jobs to lakhs of foreigners in the next three years, know how Indians will bat

Ottawa: Canada plans to ease immigration due to a severe labor shortage. The country’s Immigration Minister Sean Fraser has announced a new plan. He has expressed hope that after the new plan, the number of immigrants in the country will increase drastically and the labor shortage will be overcome. It is believed that this announcement of the government will benefit Indians on a large scale. Canada is the country with the largest number of non-resident Indians.

60% target
Sean Fraser said, ‘The people of Canada need to understand that they need to increase the population so that the labor force problem can be solved.’ Fraser said that it is expected that after this new step, the number of migrant laborers will increase. In the year 2014, 4 lakh 31 thousand migrant laborers arrived in Canada. There is a plan to increase their number to five lakh by the year 2025. It is clear from this that the number of migrant laborers living in the country will increase rapidly. Fraser informed that Canada has a goal of increasing the number of immigrants under the economic migrant category to 60 percent by the year 2025. Husband neither helps in work, nor does he get a working maid, girls in Japan shy away from having children
less population and fewer workers
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau welcomed the move. He wrote a post on LinkedIn. In this, he has written that it is clear from this plan that how the government is moving towards achieving its target in the coming years. He said that this plan will include Canada in the top countries of the world which are considered to be the best for talent. There is currently a labor shortage in Canada. There are vacancies for 10 lakh job vacancies. The birth rate in the country is among the lowest in the world and the birth rate per woman is 1.4. About 9 million population of the country will reach retirement age by 2030. This is a quarter of the total population. The woman gave birth to the first child at an altitude of 36,000 feet, then gave a strange name to the newborn
ontario most favorite

This decision of the Government of Canada can prove beneficial for Indians. According to the Statistics Canada report, 18.6% of the immigrants who came to Canada from 2016 to 2021 were Indians. During this 2.46 lakh Indians reached Canada, of which 1.28 lakh were male and 1.18 lakh were female. Apart from Indians, people from Africa and Filipinos also reached Canada.

What do the new figures say
The data, which came on October 26, has been told that the population of the country has increased by 5.3% in the last five years. After this the population has reached 37 million. Ontario is a favorite place for Indians. 55% of NRIs live in Toronto, Ottawa, Waterloo, Brampton and other cities.



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