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Cat’s Eye Nebula: NASA heard the sound of ‘cat’ in space, you too will be surprised to hear

Cat’s Eye Nebula: The US space agency NASA has heard the sound of a cat in space. Actually it is not the sound of a cat’s meow, but the sound of a nebula. This nebula is the Cat’s Eye Nebula. It is 3,262 light years away from Earth. A nebula is formed when a star dies.

Cat Eye Nebula.
Washington: The US space agency NASA celebrated World Cat Day on Monday. You must be wondering what is the relation of NASA to the cat. Actually, NASA has a special relationship with the cat. The Cat Eye Nebula is named after a cat in space. Scientists have shared a video related to the Cat Eye Nebula. Actually in this video the waves emanating from the nebula have been converted into sound. Scientists understand things by looking at space data, but they can be complicated for the layman. To make it easier for people to understand it, NASA has converted it into sound through sonification.

NASA said that the Cat Eye Nebula is a planetary nebula. Stars like our Sun are formed in this nebula. When you watch the video, you will understand that as the sound wave moves towards the bright light, the sound starts getting louder. At the same time, a harsh sound is heard in the X-ray data of NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory. It is well heard in the composite image wave length.

Where is the Cat’s Eye Nebula
The Cat’s Eye Nebula is located 3,262 light-years away from Earth in the northern constellation of Draco. NASA has released this video on International Cats Day. The International Fund for Animal Welfare started celebrating 8 August every year as International Cats Day in 2002. Its aim is to help create awareness about cats and learn about ways to conserve them.
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what is nebula
There are billions of stars in the Milky Way, just like our Sun. When a star like the Sun runs out of helium to burn, it explodes. Due to this, huge clouds of gas and dust are formed. Each time a new structure is formed from the explosion. Its X-ray through the Chandra Observatory and its visible light image have been captured through the Hubble Telescope.

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